YouTube channel promotion: step by step instructions

YouTube does not disclose video ranking factors. Empirically, signals were identified that inform the system about the importance of content in a particular topic. Videos that have higher quantitative and qualitative indicators get into the TOP. Let’s list them.

— Matching the search query.
— CTR — the percentage of the link to the video.
— The number and average duration of views.
— Audience retention — the percentage of users who watched the video to the end.
— Subscribe to the channel after watching the video.
— The number of comments.
— Content virality — the number of video shares on social networks.
— The number of video embeds on third-party resources.
— Number of links to videos from external sources.
— The ratio of likes and dislikes.
— Adding videos to the Watch Later playlist.
— Channel authority — the number of popular videos, subscribers, likes.

Let’s see how you can influence these factors through video optimization and various ways to promote your channel.

Collecting semantics

As in the case of SEO-website promotion, the basis of channel promotion is the semantic core. It will not be as extensive as that of a multi-page resource, but you still need to collect a range of queries by which the target audience will find your video.

To collect semantics, you can use services specially tailored for YouTube:

— vidIQ is a set of tools for collecting semantics, analyzing your channel, comparing with competitors and tracking trends. There are extensions for Chrome and Firefox. You can monitor one channel for free, but the keyword collection tool is only available in paid plans.

— Extension for Chrome and Firefox TubeBuddy. There is free and paid functionality. After installation, you need to go to the video on your topic, the application will give you a list of keys for which it is optimized.

— Extension for Chrome Clever. Allows not only collecting semantics, but also copying competitors’ tags, creating timecodes in descriptions, and simplifying video optimization.
To collect keywords for free, use search engine services:

The process of collecting semantics for YouTube practically does not differ from the selection of a semantic core for search engine promotion of a site. But there are three important nuances.

1. In YouTube, unlike search engines, there is no cannibalization of queries. This means that several videos from one channel can be promoted for the same request.

2. We advise you to start promoting the newly created channel for medium and low frequency queries. They have a chance to quickly get into similar (recommended) videos, and from this section a significant part of visitors comes to the channels. Recommended videos are displayed on the YouTube homepage and in the column to the right of the video that is currently playing. The section is formed based on the user’s search history and interests.

3. In order for videos to rank in Yandex and Google, it is worth analyzing the TOP in the process of collecting queries. Video content, as a rule, is present in the search results for information requests. Also, the triggers for showing a video in the SERP are the words «interview», «yourself», «do it yourself» and the like. Sorcerers with videos appear in SERPs for queries about popular news, recipes, song titles. A video that is well optimized for key queries can get into the video wizard at the zero position in Google.

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